The Arab Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen has dismantled sites and weapons depots belonging to Iranian Houthi militias on the Saada and Hajja fronts, while Yemeni joint forces thwarted Houthi infiltration attempts in al-Dali 'and al-Bayda.

Meanwhile, Iranian-backed coup militias have intensified their military build-up on the West Coast fronts, while continuing to bomb and target joint Yemeni forces and residential neighborhoods in several areas of Hodeidah.

In detail, Arab Coalition fighter jets to support legitimacy continued to target Houthi militia positions in different areas of Sa'ada governorate, and targeted a Houthi position in al-Buqaa front in Kattaf district. Those sites.

Coalition fighter jets also targeted militia positions in Razih district, which led to the destruction of fortifications and caves where Houthi military vehicles were stationed, leaving dead and wounded among them.

The Yemeni army forces, supported by the coalition, launched a large-scale attack on militia positions in the front of Warcraft, led to the destruction of military vehicles, and the death and injury of a number of Houthi elements, according to field sources, pointing out that the forces continued to bombard Houthi positions in several areas in the Directorate of Baqim, which The army is besieging the center of the directorate to liberate it

In Hajja, coalition fighters destroyed Huthi positions around the city of Haradh, which the Yemeni army is seeking to complete its liberation and security, and open roads to Hodeidah from the northern side, in addition to advancing towards other Hajjah directorates.

Meanwhile, the army continued its military operations in western Haradh, and a triangle against the Houthi elements who have suffered 18 deaths and dozens of injuries over the past two days, while clearance operations continued east of Hiran from Houthi mines and explosives, according to military sources in the fifth district.

In al-Bayda, joint Yemeni forces and local resistance in the Qaniyeh Front thwarted an infiltration attempt by the Houthis, the second in less than two days towards their positions near the international road linking al-Bayda and Marib, leaving Houthis dead and wounded.

In al-Jawf, a number of Houthi elements were killed and others were wounded in Ham Front as a result of the Yemeni army's shelling of militia positions in response to infiltration attempts and attacks by Houthi elements on the positions of forces stationed in the Ham Mountains in the past few days.

On the other hand, military sources in Hays said that the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia continued to mobilize its armed men and brought reinforcements including heavy and medium weapons from neighboring areas and districts, and pushed them towards the eastern outskirts of the district south of Hodeidah governorate.

At dawn yesterday, the militias bombed and targeted various areas of Hays with heavy artillery shells, medium weapons and sniper weapons, and a number of 120-mm mortar shells and Hauser artillery shells fired by the militias towards the positions of the joint forces east of the Directorate, and landed nearby.

Other sites belonging to the Yemeni forces in the northern outskirts of the district were targeted with 14.7 caliber machine guns, Dushka, Pika, and sniper weapons, and fired a number of RBG shells at the same locations.

The militias continued their daily breaches of the UN truce in different areas of Hodeidah governorate, and targeted artillery positions east of the city of Saleh, artillery, on Friday evening and yesterday morning, using heavy mortar shells and rocket-propelled grenades.

Violations and breaches by militias increased, and continued shelling by joint forces and residential neighborhoods in the Duraimi district south of Hodeidah, using 82-mm mortar shells, Hauser artillery and B10 artillery shells on and off.

They also bombed the areas of Al-Faza and Al-Jabaliya in Al-Tahita district, which reached large surrounding Houthi reinforcements on Thursday evening. They participated in shelling those areas with various heavy weapons and medium machine guns at the joint forces positions in the outskirts of Al-Tahta, to the east and north of it.

In Dali, the joint forces and the Southern Resistance managed to repel an attack by the Houthi militias at midnight on Thursday towards the Masharih Front northwest of Hajar area, with continued violent confrontations with Iranian Houthi militias.

Field sources confirmed that the joint forces were able to repel the attacks and infiltration of Houthi militias in violent confrontations on the front of the Masharih, and forced their elements to flee, after suffering great loss of life.

The sources pointed out that fierce battles broke out with various types of weapons, after the Houthi militias attempted to infiltrate and attack on the site of Hamrat in al-Dhalea, where the joint forces and the southern resistance are based, where the militias are trying to penetrate in these areas adjacent to the directorates of Azraq and Jahhaf.

The media center of the Dali Front said that the militias attacked the upper Hajar areas in the Sharifa area, where the forces of the Seventh Brigade are based lightning, and tried to infiltrate into the areas of Hubail al-Farrakh, Akma Dokki and other areas of the front of Hajar, but their attacks were met with fierce resistance by joint forces and resistance units. Southern.

Assigning one of Abdul Malik al-Houthi's arms to lead the battle of Hajjah

Abdul Malik al-Houthi, a militia leader, has one of his arms close to him to lead the battle of the Hajjah frontier border with Saudi Arabia, after the Yemeni army backed by the alliance towards the city of Haradh.

The sources pointed out that the leader of the militias assigned a close leader named Abu Imad al-Sayyed, to lead the fronts of Hajjah.