Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for September 28, 2019:

39th calendar week, 271st day of the year

94 days remaining until the end of the year

Zodiac sign: Libra

Nameday: Dietmar, Simon, Thekla, Wenzel


2018 - Indonesia suffers more than 2200 deaths after a magnitude 7.4 earthquake and a tsunami on the island of Sulawesi.

2017 - After a 3-0 defeat at Paris Saint-Germain FC Bayern Munich separates from his coach Carlo Ancelotti.

1994 - The Estonian Baltic ferry "Estonia" sinks off the coast of Finland. 852 people are killed.

1979 - Niki Lauda declares his retirement from motorsport in Montreal. Quote: "There are more important things in my life than driving around in a circle with a car."

1969 - In the general election CDU / CSU receive 46.1 percent, the SPD 42.7 percent and the FDP 5.8 percent of the vote. SPD and FDP form a governing coalition under Willy Brandt, the first SPD chancellor of the Federal Republic.

1939 - After the attack on Nazi Germany on Poland and the invasion of the Soviet Union in the east, the two powers determine the division of the occupied country in a so-called border and friendship treaty.

1924 - Three US military aircraft with six pilots aboard complete the first flight around the world: After 175 days and 57 stages, they reach their starting point Seattle (Washington State)

1919 - The Luxembourg vote in a referendum by a large majority for the maintenance of the monarchy under Grand Duchess Charlotte and an economic union with France.

1864 - The "First International" is founded with the participation of Karl Marx. The purpose of the association created in London was to promote the cooperation of all socialist and communist organizations.


1954 - Margot Wallström (65), Swedish politician, Foreign Minister since 2014, Vice-President of the European Commission 2004-2010

1944 - Milos Zeman (75), Czech politician, President since 2013

1934 - Brigitte Bardot (85), French actress ("And the woman lures forever")

1924 - Barbara Noack (95), German writer («The Zurich engagement»)

1924 - Siegfried Unseld, German publisher, head of the Suhrkamp publishing house in Frankfurt 1959-2002, died 2002


1964 - Harpo Marx, American comedian, member of comedy group The Marx Brothers, b. 1888

1959 - Rudolf Caracciola, German racing driver, most successful German Grand Prix racer before the Second World War, b. 1901