At the top of the north, a calmer weather is expected during Saturday. On Sunday, rain pulls in from the north instead.

- That rain can turn into wet snow in the mountain range, in the northernmost parts, so it can be exciting, says Tora Tomasdottir.

The rain and wet snow seem to linger until Monday.

Rain in the south - thunder on the West Coast

Right now, there is a lot of rain over continental Europe that could pull in over Skåne and Blekinge. It can give some more heavy rain showers over the weekend.

- If it does, it will also start to blow a little more there, says Tora Tomasdottir.

Along the West Coast there may be temporary local thunderstorms.

Cooler after the weekend

During Saturday day temperatures are expected up to 16 degrees in the south, between 9 and 13 degrees in central Sweden and farthest in the north, temperatures between 6 and 8 degrees are expected. On Sunday the temperatures look slightly lower.

- It will be more autumnal, but it will not be superdep, unless you want it to rain then, says Tora Tomasdottir.

As the weekend's unstable weather pulls east, cold north winds will take over and the temperature will drop slightly.