TESTIMONIAL - At age 8, Rachel Jedinak is caught in the first roundup of Veld'Hiv and escapes miraculously. 23 years later, she lived the famous speech of Jacques Chirac at the commemorations of this tragedy as a real liberation. After the announcement of the death of the former president on Thursday, this survivor testifies to the microphone of Europe 1 changes that these few words have brought in his life.


"Yes, the criminal madness of the occupant was seconded by French, by the French state". It is by these words pronounced on July 16th, 1995 that Jacques Chirac, who died on Thursday morning at the age of 86 years, became the first president of the Republic to recognize the responsibility of the French State in the deportation Jews during the Second World War.

>> These are the same words that "upset" Rachel Jedinak. Led by the French police on the day of the first raid on July 16, 1942, she managed to escape miraculously. If she was not deported to Auschwitz, her family was not so lucky. At 85, this survivor remembers perfectly the speech made by Jacques Chirac, 53 years later. She testifies at the microphone of Europe 1.

"We were a shadow on the board"

"Finally, someone finally agreed to tell the truth, to say what happened, it took more than 50 years to be able to express ourselves, and on that day the valves opened and everyone was able to tell us what he had gone through before, we did not want to hear from each other, we were almost all French children, but we were a shadow on the blackboard, and after the war, we talked about the resistant France, they told me even sometimes says 'you're lucky to be alive so shut up' and that's where we started to organize to fight against oblivion.

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We have been the precursors to put plaques in schools, and we continue 24 years after [the 1995 speech, ed] to testify in schools, colleges and high schools. I really appreciate him restoring the truth. Thanks to Jacques Chirac ".