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Magrudis sold meat metered by Listeria since December 2018


812028. That is the number of the first batch of the Mechá roasted meat contaminated with Listeria that the Magrudis company sold. It was tagged on December 20, 2018 and only u

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812028. That is the number of the first batch of the Mechá roasted meat contaminated with Listeria that the Magrudis company sold. It was labeled on December 20, 2018 and only a few months later, in February, the owners of the company were aware of the risk and, moreover, knew that its consumption was causing cases of listeriosis in the province of Huelva, one of its main markets, next to Seville or Cádiz.

The investigation that has been carried out by the Central Operational Environment Unit of the Civil Guard (Ucoma) has revealed that the listeriosis outbreak that made the alerts jump in mid-August and has claimed three lives - in addition to seven abortions and 216 affected - dating back many months ago, at the end of last year. Already then there could be infections and in February there were several cases of listeriosis in Huelva that were known to those responsible for Magrudis.

This is reflected in the judicial order by which Judge Pilar Ordóñez sent the manager and manager of the company, José Antonio Marín Ponce and Sandro Marín Rodríguez, to prison yesterday, charged with a crime against public health in an ideal contest with three crimes of reckless manslaughter, two crimes of injury to the fetus resulting in abortion and serious recklessness injuries. The other son, Mario, was released by the judge with charges and with the obligation to go to court on the 11th and 25th of each month.

The holder of the Court of Instruction 10 of Seville agreed provisional detention communicated without bail before the seriousness of the facts and the risk of escape and after hearing how Marín Ponce and his son admitted that the analyzes commissioned in February and tested positive in Listeria They were not accidental, since at that time they already knew of several cases of those affected by listeriosis after eating their meat.

Moreover, in a conversation with his brother intervened by investigators, the manager and de facto owner of Magrudis acknowledged that alert and threw the meat in the trash , a few "few kilos."

However, contaminated shredded meat continued to be distributed, knowing the risk that it entailed for people, and bypassing, the order notes, "all the obligations imposed by the law for food products to meet the relevant biological criteria."

The judge speaks of an "organized plot" that put on the market, for human consumption, processed meat with the presence of the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes in "inappropriate" concentrations and due to a "bad praxis."

Judge Ordóñez is especially tough in regards to José Antonio Marín, whom he considers, for all purposes, the administrator, the real owner of both Magrudis and Elaborados Cárnicos Mario SLU, another company discovered by the investigation and that had its headquarters in a ship adjacent to that of Magrudis, in the Polígono El Pino, in Seville.

Marín, notes the car, was engaged in the distribution and manufacture of processed foods at least since 1993, so he has "extensive experience " and was perfectly aware of the consequences of Listeria.

The workers who have declared before the Civil Guard confirmed that he was the true owner and the brain of the companies, although his son Sandro also had an active role. Not surprisingly, it was he who was responsible, for example, for controlling the temperature and time of the furnace , where the polluting source was located and was also the one who commissioned the private analyzes of the meat that was positive and hid to the authorities .

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