It is the pension associations PRO and SPF in Gnesta that have made a joint effort to reduce loneliness through the project Never Alone in Gnesta.

- We started with nothing, now we have a house that we have filled with activities and the fun thing is that people have come here and want to start courses themselves, says Margareta Bergdahl, chair of PRO Gnesta, and continues:

- People feel they are involved and I think this is so nice about this house.

Two pensioners' associations

The unique thing about Powerhuset, as it is called, is that the two large pension societies cooperate.

- Historically, we may not have been best friends, but we have changed that here in Gnesta, says Jan Ancker.

And the collaboration has spread to other municipalities and both Jan Ancker and Margareta Bergdahl have been around and lectured about it.

- We may work 20 percent as our own association and the rest we are together and it will only get better and better, says Margareta Bergdahl.

- Many are curious and we have a long list of different associations around Sweden who want to visit us and see how we work, says Jan Ancker.

There are many courses and activities to choose from. On Thursdays there are usually lectures and when SVT is visiting the theme is Bangladesh.

- Many go here for a snack and sometimes eat, says the visitor Iris Lindström.