During a discussion of the scandal surrounding President Donald Trump, Clinton called the incumbent “a real and obvious threat” to democracy and the future of the Americans, who “occupied the oval office.”

“During one of these ironic twists of fate, I worked on impeachment of Nixon so many years ago. I was a young lawyer who just graduated from law school. One of my tasks was listening carefully and transcribing Nixon’s telephone conversations and conversations in different parts of the White House, ”Clinton said. Her performance was broadcast by ABC.

On September 25, the US administration published a transcript of Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. During the conversation, the President of Ukraine promised that the new Ukrainian Attorney General will study the situation with the son of former US Vice President Joe Biden.

U.S. House President Nancy Pelosi said the transcript could be the reason for impeachment trump. She also suggested that Moscow "had a hand in this."

Clinton supported the start of the Trump impeachment procedure.