Flordelis officiated her husband's wake between tears and on the verge of fainting. More than 2,500 people attended in shock at the farewell of Pastor Anderson do Carmo, killed a few hours earlier with a flurry of shots when he arrived at his home in Niteroi, the city on the other side of the bay of Rio de Janeiro. Flordelis made heart guts and in the sermon spoke of love. He also said that one of his sons would have had a prophetic dream: he saw Jesus cutting a rose with a sickle. «When he told me, I said: God is going to take someone from our house. Now there it is, our pastor, ”he said sobbing.

At the funeral, Flordelis appeared emaciated, hiding behind huge sunglasses. "It's a whole theater," said one of his sons, one of the 55 , most of whom were adopted, that the couple had shortly afterwards. Flordelis and her husband already had a movie life before the crime, but everything changed radically in mid-June. In just a few months of investigation, Flordelis has gone from being the widow of Brazil to the main suspect in the crime.

At 58 , it can be said that Flordelis is a survivor. He was born in the favela of Jacarezinho, one of the poorest and most dangerous in Rio de Janeiro. At age 14 he lost his father and brother in a car accident. He worked in a bakery and accompanied his mother in the strict evangelical routine, where he began to play the guitar and make his first steps in music. He married and had children, but was abandoned by her first husband. At the age of 32 he began a social work with drug users, prostitutes and problematic adolescents, preaching in prisons and facing drug traffickers. His tendency to charity overflowed on the side of maternal instinct. In 1994 he adopted 37 children (including 14 babies) from a stroke. They were survivors of a massacre in downtown Rio.

«One morning they woke me up with a huge noise at the door of my house. When my husband and I opened the door, we were scared to see 37 desperate children and teenagers ... That's how my adoption story began . Since then I became the mother of 55 children, 51 of them adopted, ”he said in one of his numerous interviews when he was still a celebrity admired by all. Taking advantage of her growing fame, she and her husband founded in 1999 the Evangelical Community Ministry Flordelis, their own church.

The shepherdess was already releasing religious music records, and the powerful television network Globo threw the house out the window to make a documentary film about her life. In his upward career, Flordelis entered through the big door of Congress in last year's elections. Using his faithful followers, he garnered almost 197,000 votes and became the most voted woman in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Everything was going smoothly, until the early hours of June 15.

Flordelis and her husband returned home to Niteroi after visiting friends. She climbed into her room while he had just parked the car in the garage. That was when a flurry of shots broke the silence of the night. Anderson died immediately, and the deputy immediately began to defend the version that they had tried to rob them.

«I only went for a walk with my husband, nothing more ... Just a walk that ended this way, with him losing his life protecting the house, protecting the family (...) Unfortunately he opened the garage door and tried prevent them from entering inside the house. He sacrificed his life to protect his family, ”Flordelis said in one of his first statements to the press.

A few hours later the second blow to the family would arrive. One of the biological children of the deputy, Flávio dos Santos , 38, was arrested by the police at the funeral. Flavio immediately confessed to the police that he shot his stepfather . He also accused his younger brother, Lucas dos Santos , 18, of helping him organize the murder by buying the weapon used to practice the crime. The version of the robbery defending Flordelis was shattered, and other suspicions quickly emerged.

At first, the pastor told the police that she heard "a series of gunshots", not knowing exactly how many they were. Eight days later, he claimed to have heard six shots, "four shots in a row and then two more." Just the same number of shots that Flávio says he has executed. However, the autopsy showed that the victim had 30 perforations in the body , most of them in the genital region.

The Police faced the enormous task of questioning the dozens of children and grandchildren of the couple , because everything already indicated that the murder was motivated by family disagreements. At least four children of the deputy say that her mother had participated in the crime in some way. One of them, Misael , accused her directly of being the "intellectual mentor" of the murder.

Flordelis always maintained that harmony reigned in his family and that Anderson did not suffer threats of any kind. But according to Misael and another son, Daniel, his father told them that he had been threatened with death and that he found a message on his cell phone in which there was an order to execute him. Misael himself said that three days before the murder he saw his mother write in a notebook: "We will break Anderson's cell phone and throw it from the Rio-Niteroi bridge." The truth is that the mobile, which would be key in the resolution of the case, never appeared, and is very likely to rest in the depths of Guanabara Bay.


Another of the daughters, Marzy , told police that Anderson discovered that they were plotting his death inside the house and that he called his sons "one by one" to find out who the murderer was, and threatened to puncture the house phones. She herself was one of those who was plotting her death along with her mother. When he testified before the Police, he spoke of financial matters (Anderson did not spend more money and had blocked his ascension in the Church); and of an alleged sexual abuse committed against one of his sisters, who was a minor. To avoid being caught, mother and daughter bought an alternative chip. Actually, Marzy was looking to kill his stepfather for a long time, putting extra doses of medication in his food. The encirclement over Flordelis narrows , but remains free and this Saturday was scheduled to participate in the reconstruction of the events. She says not to fear jail. «I don't think they stop me because I'm innocent, I believe in the work of Justice and my lawyer, who is being guided by God. I believe a lot in what I sing. And there is a song I released last year that says I know it hurts, but God sees it. God will lift you up. This fight will not make you stop. It will happen".

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