Paris (AFP)

The United States, double world champions in title, unsurprisingly retain their first place in the Fifa ranking of the best female selections on the planet, updated Friday, before five European nations, including France, still fourth.

The team of Megan Rapinoe, who won Monday the Fifa award for the best player of the year, ahead of Germany (2nd), the Netherlands (3rd), Blue (4th), Sweden and the England (5th tie).

The French women, who were eliminated this summer in the quarter-finals of the Mondial held at home, have occupied the same place since March 2019.

Only one change in the top 10: Japan, world champion in 2011, wins the 10th place in Brazil. This is the first time since the creation of this ranking in 2003, that the selection of Marta does not appear among the ten best nations in the world.

Fifa ranking:

1. United States 2.180

2. Germany 2.064

3. The Netherlands 2.036

4. France 2.031

5. Sweden (+1) 2.020

. England 2.020

7. Canada 1.976

8. Australia 1.965

9. North Korea 1.940

10. Japan (+1) 1,937

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