Emirates University announced the launch of programs for listening students, in order to use the scientific and cultural potentials available at the university, to enrich the culture of students and administrators, and improve the cultural level of the university community, where students and employees can join this program, to learn new knowledge, and enrich their cultures in various scientific and literary disciplines.

The Director of the Center for Continuing Education, Dr. Issa Al-Rumaithi, said that these programs are one of the most important educational methods, which are applied in many universities around the world, to spread knowledge among members of the community interested in acquiring new knowledge, or want to get more knowledge about the subject By attending specific classes at the university.

Al-Rumaithi said that the UAE University offers a large number of courses in each semester.

He pointed out that the Center for Continuing Education offers the program to university students and staff, to register in the materials they want through the website.