• November 2018. Three dead by an explosion in a pyrotechnics in Guadix
  • Granada.Guadix silently dismisses the three killed in the explosion in pyrotechnics
  • Grenada. Mourning in Guadix after the last fatal accident in a pyrotechnics

At least two people have been seriously injured in an explosion recorded on Friday in a fireworks in Guadix (Granada), Efe sources 112 have reported to Efe.

The same sources have specified that the accident was recorded minutes before eleven in the morning , at which time they have warned of a crash caused by a possible explosion in a fireworks company in Guadix located on the Camino de Lugros , Pyrotechnics Accitana María Anguish

Sanitary services, agents of the Local Police and the Civil Guard, and members of the Firefighters who are working there have been transferred to the site.

The explosion, which has been felt in different neighborhoods of Guadix, has caused at least two seriously injured.

There is the circumstance that last November there were three dead in an explosion produced in a factory of this same company, located on Camino de Lugros, in the Granada town of Guadix.

The company where the explosion occurred, founded in 1889, already registered on June 17, 2004 another explosion in which two people died.

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