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The former Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, "worried about the state of our societies, the world", did not exclude Thursday to be a candidate in the presidential election of 2022 even if it "does not dream ".

Asked insistently about France Inter on a possible candidacy, the former member of French Guiana finally let go: "If it emerges that it's up to me to hold the rudder, take the reins, bend my intellectual muscles , emotional and hold to advance together ... ".

"It's a responsibility I do not dream of because I have less time to read the night, but here," she said at once.

Asked to clarify her words, she added: "Yes, I will be there if it is necessary to fight, because I am very worried about the state of our societies, of the world".

But she moderated: "Do not summarize that by saying that I will be a candidate in the next presidential election, that's not what I say because it's not what I think."

"I do not have a messianic vision of politics and I do not believe in women, in men," she explained, insisting that "the political fight is a collective fight".

According to her, "the left will inevitably come back for the simple reason that it is a necessity, the world needs the ideals of the left", including the "ambition of equality".

"I am behind no one but I have a lot of esteem, friendship and affection for Bernard Cazeneuve," she commented on the former Prime Minister of François Hollande, also "candidate for nothing "but cited as a possible socialist candidate in 2022.

"The left has more than ever need Christiane Taubira to rise from the ashes," reacted on Twitter Raphael Glucksmann, former head of list PS / Place public European last May.

A candidate for the Radical Left Party (PRG) in the 2002 presidential election, Ms. Taubira won 2.32% of the vote.

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