US talks close to Iran without lifting sanctions

As Iran's situation tightened, a senior official who oversees Iranian policy in the Trump administration in the United States responded to NHK's interview that Iran ’s President Rouhani is negotiating to lift sanctions. Either start or continue to see the economic collapse, "he clarified the idea that sanctions would not be lifted, and urged him to go to the table of negotiations with the United States.

Special Representative Hook, who oversees Iranian policy in the Trump administration, responded to NHK's solo interview on the 25th in New York where the UN General Assembly was held.

Among them, Special Representative Hook said about the attack on oil-related facilities in Saudi Arabia, “President Rouhani claims that it is due to Yemen's rebels, the Husi faction, but according to satellite images, the attack is being carried out from the north side. Not from the south side where the Fushii is based, but proves that Mr. Rouhani is lying, "he said, and Iran was arguably involved.

He criticized, “This is a war act. Iran is deepening isolation,” and revealed that it was not in contact with the Iranian side in New York.

On top of that, President Rouhani expressed that he would refuse to negotiate as long as sanctions continued in his speech at the United Nations on the 25th, "Iran will either start negotiations with the US or continue to see economic collapse." He clarified the idea of ​​not responding to the cancellation of sanctions at the moment, and urged to get to the table of negotiations with the United States first.

Also, President Rouhani made a speech in his speech that he proposed his own concept of ensuring the safety of the Holmes Strait in the Persian Gulf with neighboring countries, saying, “It's like calling the arson on the fire scene.” Did.

On top of that, the United States expressed its expectation for Japan's participation in the voluntary coalition aimed at securing the security of the Holmes Strait, and called on countries to take action against Iran.