Due to a shortage of doctors in a Tourcoing facility, expectant mothers must find a new facility to deliver.


The situation is serious and unprecedented. At the maternity hospital at Dron Hospital in Tourcoing, all deliveries are suspended! Due to a shortage of doctors in the third maternity hospital in the Lille region, the last two gynecologist doctors of the service being on sick leave, the future mothers were warned on Wednesday that they had to look for another establishment to give birth to their baby. .

A situation that "stresses" Sabrina, a little lost when leaving the hospital of Tourcoing. This young woman, whose first delivery is scheduled within a week, must urgently seek another maternity. Accompanied by Steve, her husband, she will try to find a place closer to home. "We had the choice between Armentières, Saint-Vincent, Roubaix, Lille," she says at the microphone of Europe 1. "We'll take Roubaix, it's the closest".

"Answers must be found very quickly"

"It puts more stress for women who do not need it," she says. "They should have kept a doctor on purpose for women who give birth soon and send the others elsewhere, it's nonsense," rattled his companion.

Over time, maternity has increased from six to three doctors to provide 1,700 deliveries a year. And with the departure of two of them on sick leave, it is all a service that is paralyzed. For Christophe Marlan, CGT delegate, this crisis is a new sign of the lack of resources for the public hospital: "Answers must be found very quickly for this service, which is absolutely essential for the population. on the part of the authorities, they must give themselves the means ".

Contacted, the management of the hospital refuses to comment, and simply ensures that deliveries resume as soon as possible.