Versailles (AFP)

An engineer defense group Thales was stolen computers, one contained confidential encrypted data, and a personal access badge, was learned Wednesday from police sources and the floor of Versailles.

Two computers, including a professional, a name Thales access badge, a personal electronic assistant and a notebook were stolen without breaking-in Tuesday night in a hotel room in Maurepas west of Versailles, where housed the engineer.

At the time of the flight, the engineer was absent for dinner at the hotel restaurant. The victim immediately alerted the police and forensic identification technicians from the Versailles PJ went to the scene for a possible index statement.

The 60-year-old engineer's professional computer contained "encrypted sensitive data for military purposes," according to one of the police sources. But the victim was not "able to tell the degree of classification of the documents" stolen.

The engineer also reported the disappearance of a notebook containing information on working meetings.

The defense and technology group, contacted by AFP, stressed that "all computers in the group" were "subject to a multiple authentication system that makes any computer stolen unusable", refusing to comment on the circumstances of the flight.

"The safety and security of Thales's customers, employees and activities is our priority", he added, the group following "very strict procedures" and "regularly" sensitizing its 80,000 employees "as soon as they arrive at Thales ".

A site belonging to Thales is located in Elancourt, a town bordering Maurepas. This site, Thales DMS France SA, specializes in the production of radars for airborne surveillance and combat aviation. It was not specified whether the engineer should go there or not.

The Urban Security of Elancourt is in charge of the investigation of flagrance.

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