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José Antonio Marín Ponce, the principal investigated for hiding the contamination with Listeria of the meat that he manufactured and sold and that has caused three deaths, seven abortions and 216 affected, built an opaque business plot in which his children acted as frontmen and in the one that moved the threads and ran the business without appearing on papers that, by the way, were few and plagued by irregularities.

Although researchers consider him as the de facto owner of Magrudis - the firm that produced and marketed La Mechá meat -, Marín Ponce does not appear as the owner of the company, whose only official administrator was his son Sandro Marín Rodríguez. To this data, which was already known, is added now that another of his children, Mario Marín Rodríguez, appears as the owner of another company in the meat sector, Elaborados Cárnicos Mario SLU , as revealed by the Facua consumer association. A company that had its headquarters, precisely, in the ship adjacent to that of Magrudis, at number 21 of Pino Silvestre street, at the El Pino Industrial Estate, in Seville.

Both Sandro and Mario were arrested yesterday by the Civil Guard within the operation carried out in Dos Hermanas and Sevilla and that resulted in five detainees and three records. In addition to Marin and her two children, a sister-in-law and an employee were arrested, who were later released . The other three arrested remain in the Montequinto barracks and are expected to be brought to justice on Thursday.

Elaborados Cárnicos Marín SLU was established on October 1, 2017 with a registered capital of 3,100 euros and Mario Marín as sole administrator, in accordance with the information contained in the Official Gazette of the Commercial Registry and its corporate purpose is the "intermediation of the trade in food products, beverages and tobacco. Industry and production of meat products ". Its existence was not known until now, although weeks ago the possibility of a clandestine factory linked to Magrudis was already noted.

To all of the above, it must be added that Mario Marín's company was not registered in the General Sanitary Registry of Food and Food Companies, although it is mandatory for the activity to which, according to Borme, he was engaged.

The Elaborados Cárnicos Mario is the last chapter in the history of business pufos starring José Antonio Marín in a 20-year career in which he has left behind a trail of debts and suspicions.

In your curriculum there are three business projects that ended up in loud failures and with large unpaid debts. The first one was launched in 1993 and was called Sanmasur and its trail is lost in the Mercantile Registry in 2004 to record that it is impossible to collect a debt. The second business is Sierra Encina SL, created in 1996 and that hardly lasts a few years, the same as Embutidos El Patio, whose life ends in 2012 with a declaration of insolvency.

His last project, although not officially listed as administrator, has been Magrudis, created in August 2013 and at the head of which he places his son Sandro, who at that time was a university student and who is considered, for all intents and purposes, a mere figurehead.

After the outbreak of listeriosis broke out and the health alert was decreed and production stopped, it was discovered that Magrudis had no activity license and that it was two years , until 2015, operating without registering in the Sanitary Registry of Food Companies.

It was when investigating the situation of this company when the City of Seville found that the only thing that there was was a responsible declaration , a step prior to the license, that did not fit the reality of society.

In fact, until December 2018, Magrudis does not present a responsible statement in the Environmental Protection Service of the Spanish City Council that allows the start of an activity and that document, according to the municipal information, had nothing to do with reality. To the extent that deficiencies were found "in the form and substance" that determined its cancellation after the file opened by the Environment area.

Although irregularities do not end here either, since the expansion works undertaken by Magrudis recently did not have any type of permit.

Despite all these irregularities, Magrudis passed several inspections without skipping the alerts .

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