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Amazon introduced Wednesday a new series of products that further integrates his voice assistant Alexa to the daily lives of users, from their kitchen to their car - and even directly on them.

"If you thought Amazon had incorporated Alexa into your life before, it's nothing compared to what they expected," Techsponential analyst Avi Greengart said at the end of the conference. "Alexa will be at home, in your ears, on your face and literally at your fingertips".

Update on the main novelties.

- Responsible Alexa -

The voice and "smart" assistant of the giant of the commerce and technologies will have to render account. Users will be able to ask Alexa why she did something or repeat what she heard.

A new feature will also delete audio recordings automatically, at regular intervals.

"This is a step forward, but we will continue to listen to our customers and invest in privacy," said Dave Limp, vice president of devices and services at Amazon.

As for technical improvements, Alexa becomes bilingual: in addition to English, it will also work in Spanish in the United States, French in Canada, and Hindi in India.

Through automated learning she also gains realism, with a more human voice, and the option of using voices from famous people, such as that of actor Samuel L Jackson.

Alexa and Google capture more than 60% of the global market for voice assistants, according to research firm Canalys, ahead of Siri, Bixby (Samsung) or Cortana (Microsoft).

- Always on you -

Alex is now in our ears with "Echo Buds", wireless headphones with an external noise canceling function, which will be sold in October for $ 130 a pair.

They will be synchronized to the user's smartphone, and will work with Google or Apple's voice assistants (Siri) already installed on the devices.

Amazon also launches into the glasses, with the "Echo Frames", which allow those who wear them to address Alexa without even taking their phone out of their pocket.

Ows not just because it is Lesotho contraire, actuelles, but it is only of time-series prototype, limited edition for 180 dollar. It includes a microphone, but no camera, and consumers can choose lenses with a correction for the view.

Finally those who can not do without Alexa will be able to wear the finger thanks to the "Echo Loop", an "intelligent" ring equipped with two microphones and a mini speaker. This prototype, available this fall, will cost $ 100.

- Sound and image -

For loudspeakers and cameras, Amazon has focused on attractive prizes for the upcoming holiday season and better privacy.

Several investigations have revealed in recent months in the press that the exchanges with the voice assistants are sometimes listened to by humans, without the knowledge of the users, in order to perfect the machines.

Last May, Amazon already announced the addition of features to ask Alexa to erase her recordings or to blind the camera.

By the end of the year, the Seattle firm will also add a "Home" mode to cameras, which will prevent them from recording videos or sound as long as it is activated.

The Ring range is made up of a battery of security cameras, indoor or outdoor, smaller ones that are fixed on a wall (the "Stick Up Cam" to 99 dollars, for example) to the most sophisticated, connected to the network by a Ethernet cable for more reliability.

For the Echo speakers, the main improvements relate to sound, including a more luxurious version called Echo Studio, supposed to appeal to audiophiles.

Amazon also released its third speaker version with a screen, the Echo Show 8 (129.99 dollars), which allows to make video calls and has a small removable flap in front of the lens, "for more peace of mind. spirit, "according to the statement.

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