Dubai Police has announced that it will gradually stop providing urban services at six police stations across the Emirate of Dubai at the beginning of next year, while keeping them in three police stations: Al Qusais, Ports and Al Barsha.

“There is a systematic plan to stop the urban services in these centers according to a strict timetable, starting with the Nayef and Al Muraqqabat police stations, starting from the second of January 2020, and the Al Raffa Police Station on 15 January,” said Major General Abdul Quddous Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidli, Assistant Commander in Chief of Dubai Police. Next January, Jebel Ali Police Station on February 1st, Rashidiya Police Station on February 15th, and Bur Dubai Police Station on March 1st. '

He pointed out that the decision to stop services comes within the framework of an advance plan in Dubai Police, to achieve two objectives: First, to achieve the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to reduce the percentage of visitors to service centers by 80% by 2020 The second goal of Dubai Police is to achieve zero in the number of auditors.

He explained that the suspension of services in the six centers was part of a deliberate plan, noting that those who will come to apply for any service in the service centers will not be refunded, but will be directed towards the implementation of the service electronically, through the smart channels of the Dubai Police website and the application of intelligent police.

He said that the 15 services that will be stopped are: Request to return a check, return request, find a receipt, request a report of a traffic accident without injuries, request a report of a traffic accident against an unknown, request a replacement for a lost report of a traffic accident, request a query and payment Traffic violations, request for the removal of a vehicle reservation, a request for payment of a vehicle reservation allowance, a criminal case research certificate, a loss certificate, a clearance certificate for traffic violations, a certificate to whom it may concern, a night work permit application, and a suspended visit request.

Brigadier General Khalid Al Razouqi, Director General of Intelligent Services, said that all services that are to be stopped are available through the Dubai Police Smart Channels, either through the website, or through the Dubai Police application on Android and IOS smartphones. Smart Police Centers (SPS), Drive Thru Centers, which provide services to drivers on the roads, and Walk Centers, which provide services in tourist areas and shopping centers, confirming the readiness of Dubai Police to provide services to its customers in a smart way.

In addition, the Director of Bur Dubai Police Station, Brigadier Abdullah Khadem Sorour Al-Wrist, said that customers who need service in the presence of them will be transferred from the police stations that have stopped providing services to the three centers, which will continue to provide services in attendance. Al Muraqqabat will be transferred to Al Qusais Police Station, while customers of Bur Dubai, Riffa and Nayef will be transferred to the Ports Police Station.

Geographical and population distribution

The Director of Al Qusais Police Station, Brigadier Yousef Al-Odaidi, stated that the selection of Al Qusais, Al Barsha and Ports centers to continue providing urban services was based on studies on population density and geographical location, and the ability of the centers to accommodate the provision of urban services transferred from other centers.

He explained that Al Qusais Police Station is located in the north of Dubai, while Al Barsha Police Station is located in the center of the emirate and finally the Ports Center in the south.

901 Transaction Center

The Director General of Excellence and Entrepreneurship, Brigadier General Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al Mualla, said: `` Dubai Police will start activating the call center 901, so that it is ready to finish transactions for customers by telephone, in order to achieve the directions of Dubai Police to reduce the number of customers, and stop providing services in the centers. ''

He pointed out that Dubai Police preceded this step by stopping the provision of traffic services manually, whether the General Directorate of Traffic or police stations and achieved excellent results, so it was decided to stop providing police services in the presence.