Spain “Tomb of the dictatorship” Franco from a national facility to another cemetery 25 September 16:03

On the grave of President Franco, who had been dictatorship in Spain until the 1970s, the Supreme Court of Spain handed down a ruling that allowed the president's remains to be excavated from the national memorial facility and transferred to another grave.

The plan to relocate the remains was decided as part of the government's liquidation of the history of the dictatorship, but the conservatives and the survivors of the president rebelled and became a big argument.

Franco, who won the 1930s Spanish civil war with support from Nazi Germany and others, went on to dictatorship for 36 years, oppressing dissidents and killing many people.

The president ’s grave is in the country ’s memorial facility, “The Valley of the Veterans”, on the outskirts of Madrid, but the left-handed Sanchez administration in August left the remains of the dictatorship as part of its settlement. Decided to dig and move to another grave.

On the other hand, conservatives strongly rebelled, and the bereaved family of Franco asked for the injunction of the plan.

On this day, the Spanish Supreme Court handed down a ruling admitting the Spanish government's decision to move the remains of the president to another grave.

Concerning the decision, Prime Minister Sanchez wrote on Twitter that it was a big victory for democracy and welcomed the decision.

The Spanish government plans to dig out the remains of the president as soon as possible and bury them again in another cemetery in the north of Madrid, where the wife's tomb is.