The number of murder and manslaughter cases fell sharply last year. 119 people died as a result of violence, 39 fewer than in 2017. Since the beginning of this century, the number of victims of fatal violence has halved, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics.

In particular, fewer men were killed. In 2018 there were 76 men, compared to 112 a year earlier. The number of women killed fell from 46 to 43. In nine of the ten cases, men between the ages of 18 and 45 were responsible for the act.

Women seem to be particularly at risk because of violence from their (former) partner. three quarters of the women died as a result. Relationship problems or an imminent divorce often preceded the fatal incident. The majority of the victims were strangled or were killed by stab wounds.

Of the 76 deceased men, a third was killed by a friend. In the case of murder or manslaughter, a firearm or stab weapon was involved in three quarters of all cases.

Since the turn of the century, more than a hundred people have been killed by violence every year. In 2016, that number was the lowest and 109 people were killed.


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