SMEs in Japan and South Korea are in a business relationship worsening Participation in 100 companies as usual Year 25 September 15:39

In Seoul, South Korea, a business meeting between Japanese and Korean SMEs was held, and about 100 companies, which are similar to the previous year, participated in discussions about the possibility of new businesses and cooperation, even as Japan-Korea relations deteriorated.

A Korean business group held an annual business meeting for SMEs in Seoul on the 25th. In fact, there were companies that decided not to participate due to the deterioration of the relationship between Japan and South Korea, but about 100 companies participated as a whole.

At the venue, manufacturing companies and IT-related SMEs with headquarters in Tokyo, Osaka, Niigata, etc. set up booths, and representatives from Korean companies visited to discuss the possibility of new deals.

Of these, the Osaka company, which manufactures aluminum foil products, consigned part of the production to a Korean company as a result of the negotiations and settled the training for employees from South Korea. I was also taking photos.

Yuichi Kimura, president of an aluminum foil manufacturing company, said, “Korea has the advantage of being technical and cheap, and it is the most important thing for companies to meet and know each other, so it was an opportunity for interaction. "

In addition, a South Korean company representative said, “I participated because I am doing business from a global perspective. I am worried about the harsh political situation in Japan and Korea, but I want you to improve it quickly.”