French President “Conditioned” 12:05 on September 25 to encourage direct dialogue between the United States and Iran

France's President Macron strongly encouraged direct dialogue with the United States and Iran leaders on the dialogue between the leaders of the United States and Iran, saying, “The conditions are in place. On the other hand, President Trump emphasizes the policy of continuing to put maximum pressure on Iran, although it does not exclude the possibility of dialogue, and it is still unclear whether the dialogue will be realized.

President Macron of France met with President Trump of the United States on the 24th, and I met again with President Iran's Rouhani, who had talked for nearly two hours the previous day, with Prime Minister Johnson of England.

President Macron later held a press conference and said, “We believe that the conditions for immediate dialogue are in place. The rest depends on the United States and Iran.”

The dialogue agenda includes Iran's nuclear development, ballistic missile development, and the release of economic sanctions against Iran in the United States.

On top of that, President Macron stressed that if the UN General Assembly was missed, the opportunity to meet directly with the leaders would be lost and urged the two countries to talk directly.

Meanwhile, President Trump attended a general debate speech at the United Nations General Assembly on the 24th and reiterated his idea of ​​not excluding the possibility of dialogue with Iran.

However, it is still uncertain whether the dialogue will be realized by emphasizing the policy of putting maximum pressure on it as long as the threatening acts of Iran continue, sanctions will not be lifted and will be severe.