Reports of attacks on secularism increase in primary school. Iannis Roder, professor of history-geography in Saint-Denis and member of the Council of Wise Men on secularism, attributes this increase to the behavior of parents of students.


How is secularism at school? While the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer opened Tuesday a seminar of academic teams on the subject, 900 reports of attacks on secularism in schools were identified between April and June 2019. This type of The incident is rarer in high school, but on the contrary it becomes widespread in primary schools. Invited on Europe 1, Iannis Roder, professor of history-geography in college in Saint Denis and member of the Council of the wise on the secularism, imputes this phenomenon to the behavior of the parents of pupils.

Controversial poster

"We now know that young children behave like adults - for example, that some little boys refuse to give birth to little girls, and these children are necessarily subject to the words of their children. parents, "he says. The teacher said he was "shocked" by posters put into circulation by the Federation of Parents' Councils (CIPF) during the elections of its representatives. There is a picture of a mother of a veiled student, accompanied by a subtitle: "Laïcité is to welcome to school all parents without exception".

"It shocks me for two reasons," explained Iannis Roder. "The first is that it comes from the CIPF, which is an organization of parents of students of the secular public school, and taking positions that, in my opinion, can not be shared by the whole base. Moreover, it should not be considered that parental support for school leavers is a right: it is a use. " Asked about this poster on BFMTV, the Minister of National Education had found it "regrettable".