Liberal Democratic Constitutional Reform Promotion Headquarters and former Secretary General Hosoda

The Liberal Democratic Party, which aims to advance discussions on the constitutional amendment, has officially decided to appoint Hiroyuki Hosoda, the former secretary general of the party from Prime Minister Abe, as the head of the party's constitutional reform promotion headquarters.

The Liberal Democratic Party approved the personnel changes in the party at the general affairs meeting on the 24th, following the reorganization of the Cabinet, etc. I officially decided to appoint the chief.

Concerning the revision of the constitution, the Liberal Democratic Party wants to proceed with discussions at the extraordinary session of the Diet that will be convened on the 4th of next month. Mr. Hosoda will again take the role of coordinator in the party.

Mr. Suzuki, at a press conference, said, “I hope that discussions will proceed at the Constitutional Review Committee of the House of Representatives under the new system. The Liberal Democratic Party will face discussions with each party based on four items.” Said.

Regarding the fact that the three opposition parties join together, “I heard that the Democratic Party is in a positive position in the discussion on the constitutional amendment and I would like to see what happened by forming a joint denomination.” It was.

2nd floor secretary-general “I want to work carefully”

“The Constitutional revision is more important than any other agenda and I want to be cautious and careful. I want to talk with the opposition parties in the future.” It was.