18 September 2018

An inmate from the Roman prison of Rebibbia tried to kill her two children: one is dead, the other is trying to save him. It is learned from the president of the penitentiary council and head of the Casa di Leda, Lillo Di Mauro. "The fact would have happened - he explained - in the nest section, where children up to three years old are hosted".

The woman - a 31-year-old German of Georgian descent - killed one of her two children, a 4-month-old child, around midday and injured the other, a boy of about 2 years. The child was taken in "red code" to the Bambino Gesù hospital. His condition, doctors report, is particularly critical with severe brain damage. The child, in a confidential prognosis, is currently undergoing advanced resuscitation support and mechanical ventilation. Neurosurgical intervention is planned.

The woman would have thrown the two children from the stairs inside the penitentiary structure into the 'nest' section.

He was in prison since August 27th
The woman had been in prison for less than a month. According to what has been learned, she was arrested last August for the alleged drug dealing.

This morning she had gone out into the garden with the other mothers detained and had not shown signs of impatience. The tragedy was consummated while the other inmates were going to lunch: the woman took the two children, throwing them on the stairs from a landing in the nest section of the prison.

Minister Bonafede in Rebibbia then in the hospital. An investigation has been opened
The Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede, went to the Rebibbia prison, where he saw the places theater of the affair and spoke, together with the chief of the DAP Basentini, with the director of the prison.

Bonafede then went to the Bambino Gesù hospital to realize what the conditions of the little survivor are. "It is a tragedy. Personally, I pray that the child can be saved by the doctors, who are certainly doing everything," the minister said. "The judiciary is already making its findings. I can only say, I cannot add anything else, that the ministry has clearly already opened an internal investigation to verify the responsibilities ".

'' It is a terrible drama - says Aldo Di Giacomo, secretary of the Spp (Penitentiary Police Union) -. This tragedy could have been avoided and others should be avoided. Children should not be kept in prison: it is torture for them. For weeks we have been denouncing the very serious episodes that are happening in Italian prisons. We ask the Minister of Justice for an immediate intervention, he has a moral obligation to intervene in the prison situation, which has become explosive ".