Dubai Police has announced the launch of a GPS location service, in partnership with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and Google and Apple, enabling police patrols to locate emergency callers with precise accuracy and quick access to helpers.

“The launch of the GPS location service is part of the implementation of the Vision Vision to be the first in the Global Emergency Response Time Index by 2021, which will also enhance security,” said Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander of Dubai Police. Safety and upgrading of police and security work, in accordance with the best international standards and practices ».

He pointed out that they aim to generalize the experiment soon to include all police leaders in the country under the umbrella of the Ministry of Interior, so that leaders are provided with the locations of callers to their operating theaters, so that they can standardize the methodology of dealing with emergencies and access to the site of help seekers more than times the «LBS service »The operations were used to determine the location, which gave close coordinates and not accurate.

For his part, Director of the General Department of Operations, Major General Kamel Butti Al Suwaidi, said that 70% of the communications received to the emergency comes from mobile phones, and therefore it requires patrols to be able to locate the caller accurately, and when using the Dubai Police for the new service is able to reach In case of emergency, the caller, once dialing the emergency numbers (999 - 911-112), sends his phone a free text message containing his location accurately to the file servers in Dubai Police, which is designed and programmed to provide coordinates to the command and control center in operations.

He explained that the free service can not track the phones of callers and does not store the coordinates of their locations, but ends with the completion of sending coordinates at the time of emergency call, and the purpose of speeding up the response process and enable patrols to reach helpers in the least time possible, unlike the old service that was dependent on the nearest Etisalat Tower for approximate location.

The Deputy Director General of Operations for Communications Affairs, Brigadier General Dr. Khalid Ghanem Al Marri, confirmed that the service works with the operating system version No. (4) and later, with respect to mobile phones running the system «Android», and the operating system version No. 13 and later with respect to mobile phones The service does not need to be downloaded and configured on mobile devices.