Media advisor Amr Adib revealed details of the assassination attempt on Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi in his rest in the world in 2015.And Adib said through the program "Story", on the channel MC Egypt, that the perpetrators of the assassination attempt had already shot at the rest, and this led to the death of an officer.

Adib added that President Sisi was subjected to three or four assassination attempts, and the media in his program reviewed the housing unit and cameras used by terrorists to monitor the break, as well as the confessions of the defendants.

Adeeb pointed out that the housing unit where the perpetrators of the assassination attempt resided, was rented, pointing out that the defendants in the case are "Mahmoud Hani and Ahmed Imam Najm", were arrested by the security services in 2017, after they were confessed by one of the arrested Brotherhood terrorist group.