The National Election Commission (NEC) closed yesterday the voting for citizens from abroad at 118 polling stations inside embassies and state missions around the world in the elections of the Federal National Council (FNC), after two days of remarkable turnout decorated the electoral scene to elect 20 candidates. To the FNC, noting that there were no electoral complaints or observations.

The Committee pointed out that the sending of text messages to citizens abroad, informing them of their exclusion from the condition of origin of the identity card in the vote, had a significant impact on the increase in the number of voters, while large numbers of citizens abroad outside the State, during the second and last day, to come to The centers designated for the election of their candidates express their happiness to participate in the elections of the Federal National Council and to perform their national duty, by attending and voting for the candidates they deem fit in their representation in the Council.

In turn, the National Elections Commission, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, has taken all measures to ensure the organization of voting in electoral centers scattered in most countries of the world, in accordance with the highest standards of accuracy, transparency and integrity to vote in embassies and diplomatic missions.

Electoral centers abroad opened their doors for the second consecutive day at 10:00 am (local time in the country where the polling center is located), where the first electoral center at the level of UAE missions around the world began at the UAE Embassy in New Zealand in the capital Wellington. , Greeted voters, who were keen to arrive from early morning to cast their votes.

The Electoral Center in New Zealand was the first to finish voting on the second and last day of the election, while the Los Angeles Electoral Center was the last to close, according to world time differences.

The embassies and diplomatic missions in most parts of the world witnessed a remarkable turnout during the two days devoted to the process of `` voting abroad '' through 118 electoral centers, which were fully equipped and provided with all means that enable voters to cast their votes in the election of their representatives from the members of the Federal National Council.

Citizens who participated in the elections, praised the ease of the procedures and the voting process, and the facilities provided by the diplomatic missions of the state to the voters, considering - in their comments on the social media platforms for the elections - that the participation in the elections is a national duty must be all those named in the electoral lists to vote The most suitable candidate.

They also praised the decision of the National Elections Commission to exclude citizens who are outside the UAE and who are on the lists of electoral bodies from the mandatory requirement to present the UAE identity to participate in the voting processes, and to replace it with a copy of the identity with the passport or any official document proving the identity of the voter, stressing that this decision He helped to increase the number of voters who faced the obstacle of not having their ID card abroad.

For its part, the National Election Committee thanked all the citizens of the UAE who were abroad, who were keen to perform their electoral duty, stressing that the active participation and remarkable gave positive signs of unprecedented turnout, both in the early voting and during the Presidential voting day scheduled on the fifth of October Next.

Facilities for voters

Ambassadors of the state in a number of electoral centers around the world, confirmed the conduct of the electoral process to the fullest during the elections yesterday and the day before yesterday, noting that diplomatic missions were keen to provide all facilities to voters, and familiarize them with the procedures of early voting, and the process of voting took only a few minutes.

They praised the keenness of the members of the electoral bodies to come to the polling stations in the UAE embassies and consulates, to cast their votes and fulfill their national duty, to participate in the election wedding.