According to Tallinn, Russia's statements about the liberation of Estonia are "historically inaccurate."

“We reject historically inaccurate statements by the Russian Foreign Ministry that Estonia was“ liberated ”by Soviet troops. The Republic of Estonia did not take part in the Second World War and was occupied by both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The so-called “liberation” was an occupation that lasted almost 50 years, ”Estonian diplomats said on Twitter.

At the same time, the Russian embassy in Estonia responded to the publication by saying that “each side has its own view, but the truth can be one, and it is based on facts.”

“And they say that the Red Army liberated Estonia in September 1944, having suffered huge losses after bloody battles with the Nazis,” the embassy emphasized.

On September 21, the Russian Ministry of Defense published declassified documents on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the capital of Estonia from Nazi invaders.

The multimedia section “Tallinn Liberation ...” with unique declassified documents from the funds of the Central Archive of the military department has been opened on the ministry’s website.