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Coalition fighters destroy sites and reinforcements «Houthi» in four Yemeni provinces


Arab Coalition fighter jets to support legitimacy have been able to destroy sites, reinforcements, fortifications and military mechanisms belonging to the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia in Hajjah, Saada, Amran and Al-Dhalea, while the militias continued to escalate and the development of new sites on the West Coast fronts and targeted

Arab Coalition fighter jets managed to destroy sites, reinforcements, fortifications and military vehicles belonging to the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia in Hajjah, Sa'ada, Amran, and Al-Dhalea, while the militias continued to escalate and develop new sites in the West Coast fronts, targeting and bombing joint sites, and clashes took place between Yemeni army forces and militias. In al-Jawf, it left dead and wounded among the Houthis.

In detail, Coalition fighter jets continued to bombard and heavily target Houthi militia positions and reinforcements around the militia-controlled Yemeni capital Sana'a, destroying fortifications, reinforcements, military positions, and Houthi operations rooms in Hajjah, Sa'ada, Amran, and the countryside.

Local sources in Hajja confirmed that the coalition fighter jets had struck militia positions in the Haradh border with Saudi Arabia, and managed to destroy military vehicles and Houthi fortifications, which were recently established in Al-Sha'ab area, which resulted in the death and injury of a number of Houthi elements, including a field commander.

The sources pointed out that the raids led to the destruction of military vehicles have been carefully monitored, were stationed at the southern entrance to the city, while coalition fighters continued raids on the Houthi positions around the capital and in Saada, as it led to cut off the supply routes for militias between Saada and Sanaa, and destroyed an operating room and towers Military contacts.

In Hajjah, the Yemeni army forces supported by the coalition continued to bombard militia positions in advanced positions from the district of Abs, located after the Bani Hassan area, and continued their movements on the fronts of Haradh and Hiran, in order to complete the liberation of the city of Haradh, and to open the roads linking the city between the city and Abs, and another between South Hiran And the triangle of their mind.

In al-Jawf, the army shelled militia positions in Beit al-Sentil area in al-Masloub district, which resulted in deaths and injuries among the Houthis, and continued to confront Houthi attacks in Ham Front in al-Matun district.

In Hodeidah on the west coast, the militias continued to intensify their shelling and targeting of joint forces and residential neighborhoods in several areas, and targeted the Directorate of Hays south of Hodeidah, from several directions, with the aim of achieving a breakthrough towards the roads linking the Directorate and the liberated areas in the south of Hodeidah, with the aim of cutting them. According to field sources, in the «giants brigades», the joint forces were able to monitor Houthi movements in coastal roads south of Hodeidah, noting that the militias are seeking to install heavy weapons and building barricades and digging trenches and tunnels in those areas, as well as movements of Houthi mechanisms and elements, including Snipers in advanced areas and close to the joint forces sites and residential neighborhoods in the districts of Hays and Tahita.

The sources confirmed that the joint forces took all necessary precautions to face any attacks that the militia elements are trying to launch towards their positions. The sources confirmed that the joint forces are committed to the UN truce, but warned at the same time that the militias continue to escalate.

The spokesperson for the joint forces in the west coast, Waddah Al-Dabish, said in press statements that the patience of the forces in the coast will not prolong the Houthi escalation towards their positions and civilian areas in the west coast, and that the response will be large and decisive, and will stop only after the liberation of the entire coast and ports. Hodeidah different. In addition, Houthi militias continued to target and bombarded joint positions in the east of Hodeidah city, targeting several positions in the east of Kilo 16 area with heavy artillery, mortars, machine guns and sniper weapons, and bombed the neighborhoods of July 7 and east of the city of Saleh and the vicinity of the airport, and targeted Khamseen Street and other sites with heavy mortar 120-caliber artillery, and the Howitzer artillery, and targeted several areas in the vicinity of the Duraimi focus heavily in the eastern areas with heavy and medium weapons, and bombarded sites in al-Tahita and Hays by medium-caliber machine guns of 14.5 caliber, and pica rate weapon.

In Dali, coalition warplanes raided militia positions in the strategic Jabal Nusseh, overlooking the town of Dumat, destroying artillery aimed at halting the advance of joint forces to control the mountain.

The Houthi coup militia, yesterday, on the execution of two Yemeni citizens, in the oud area east of Ibb province, the center of the country, local sources said that a large number of elements of Houthi militias raided, yesterday morning, «village» in the region of Oud, sources said that elements The militias stormed the house of Sheikh Khawlan Fadhil and Amel Ali Fadhil, and killed them in front of their families, on charges of supporting them and supporting the joint forces and the resistance forces in the fronts of the north and west of the Dali.

According to sources, the village witnessed a state of great tension, after the tribal gunmen gathered in the village, to respond to the crime of Houthi militias.

The Yemeni army continues its progress and moves, to complete the liberation of the city of Haradh in Hajjah.

The joint forces confirm their commitment to the Hudaydah truce, and warns against the continued Houthi escalation.

Source: emara

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