• Interview.Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo: "For Spain Suma resigned to lead the list of Barcelona in favor of Inés Arrimadas"

The national spokeswoman for Citizens, Lorena Roldán , has again rejected today the offer of the PP to make joint candidacies for the general elections of November 10 under the formula Spain Sum .

Roldán has alleged that "the backpacks of corruption" of the PP prevent that pre-election pact, since Cs is a party "clean, of moderate center, regenerating" and "without backpacks of corruption".

The spokeswoman for Cs in the Senate has assured at a press conference that her party wants to add against Pedro Sánchez , but "following the formula of Andalusia , not that of 'Gürtel' ; we want to add deputies, not charged, because corruption remains" , he added reiterating the already known argument of the party about Spain Suma.

Roldán has thus answered the spokeswoman for the PP in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo , who today said in EL MUNDO that by the Spain Suma brand he would renounce leading the list in Barcelona in favor of the candidate of Citizens, Inés Arrimadas .

Citizens alleges that this possible PP-Cs coalition would be "the best scenario for Pedro Sánchez" because "he would have us all in the same bag". On the contrary, the management of Cs ensures that "Spaniards must have the possibility to choose between several projects".

Álvarez de Toledo has added that, in addition to resigning from leading the Barcelona candidacy, he would not "go to Madrid or any other constituency".

In her interview in EL MUNDO, the 'popular' deputy explains that she faces the electoral campaign of November 10 with the aim of boosting the confluence of the right center under Spain Suma.

"I quit topping the list of Barcelona in favor of Inés Arrimadas, for the sake of Spain Suma. I give up my number one seat and if I have to give up everyone - one, two, three or four - I will ", has added.

Doubts about the veto to Sánchez

Lorena Roldán has not clarified if the Executive of Cs considers that the decision of the month of February is still in force, when the management voted not to agree in any case with Pedro Sánchez after the general elections. After being asked several times about it, she has avoided clarifying whether that decision is still standing. Or if the party plans to resubmit that position, which generated a serious internal crisis in Cs.

In addition, last week, Albert Rivera decided to propose to Pedro Sánchez an agreement that could have meant the abstention of Cs in a hypothetical investiture. Party sources say that this offer was "exceptional" and that it responded to "an exceptional and punctual situation", with the aim of avoiding electoral repetition.

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