Citizens living abroad continued for the second and last day to come to the polling stations at the country's embassies and diplomatic missions around the world to vote in the 2019 FNC elections and choose their candidate.

The polling stations opened at 10:00 am local time in the country where the polling center is located. The first polling station at the level of UAE missions around the world at the UAE Embassy in New Zealand in Wellington began receiving voters who were keen to arrive in the morning. Early to cast their votes.

The ambassadors of the state through the accounts of embassies on social networking sites, the conduct of the electoral process to the fullest, and provide all the facilities for voters, to cast their votes in a few minutes.

Hamad Al Zaabi, UAE Ambassador to Islamabad, said: `` The success of the first day of early voting in the 2019 FNC elections at the Embassy, ​​the smooth voting procedures and the commitment of the citizens of the country to participate reinforces the commitment towards the establishment of concepts and an electoral culture that will yield a positive impact on the country and the citizen. ''

Voters expressed their happiness to participate in the elections of the Federal National Council, and to perform their national duty, by attending and voting for the candidates they deem fit in their representation in the Council.

Citizens who participated in the elections praised the ease of voting procedures and the preparations provided by the country's diplomatic missions to the electorate.

Voting began for Emiratis living abroad yesterday, while voting closed at 6 pm today, according to the local time of the city where the electoral center.

The embassies of the United Arab Emirates and their diplomatic missions throughout most of the world witnessed a remarkable turnout on the first day of the voting process abroad, through 118 electoral centers, which were fully equipped and equipped with all the means that enable voters to cast their votes in the election of their representatives from the Federal National Council. .

New Zealand's electoral center was the first to finish voting on the second and final day of the election, while the Los Angeles electoral center will be the last to close, according to world time differences.

The National Election Commission has taken all measures to ensure that the voting process is organized in electoral centers scattered in most countries of the world according to the highest standards of accuracy, transparency and integrity to vote in embassies and diplomatic missions.