• Middle East.Trump announces the sending of troops to Saudi Arabia
  • Tension: Iran reaches out to neighboring countries and refuses to send US troops

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson accused Iran of being behind the attacks on two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, in statements to journalists accompanying him to New York, where he must meet with Iranian President Hasan Rohani.

"I can tell you that the United Kingdom attributes to Iran with a very high degree of probability the attacks of Aramco," the Saudi oil giant, said the conservative leader on board the plane that takes him to New York for the United Nations General Assembly, according to the British Press Association.

"The difficulty is knowing how to organize an international response," said the head of the government.

"We will work with our American friends and our European friends to build a response that attempts to reduce tensions in the Gulf region," he added.

Iran denies any involvement in the attacks of September 14, attributed to Tehran by the United States.

Sending more US troops to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in response to the recent attack against Saudi refineries announced over the weekend by US President Donald Trump has been the last turn of an escalation of tension that will be the main topic of discussion at the United Nations Assembly next Tuesday.

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