The top of the Tax Authorities gave a special fraud team the space to stop hundreds of parents in childcare allowances without proper investigation and against the law of hundreds of parents in 2014. According to research by Trouw and RTL Nieuws on Monday.

The so-called 'Fraud Management Team' approved the suspension of unlawful allowances, according to research by the two media.

The management team at that time included the then general manager of the Tax Authorities, the director of the allowances department and the director of the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD). The Director General of the Tax Authorities would also be aware of the actions.

Whether the then State Secretary Eric Wiebes, the current Minister of Economic Affairs, was aware of the illegal act is not known.

The case came to light after a request from the two media based on the Open Government Act (Wob). State Secretary Snel does not yet want to share the documents with the House of Representatives, because they must first be examined.

The duped parents would have been in financial trouble for years due to the unlawful cessations.

Officials were involved in research

Last week it was announced that officials from the Ministry of Finance were involved in investigating the role of the Tax Authorities in the shutdowns.

The officials faced draft reports and were allowed to adjust and delete passages. E-mails also showed that the Ministry could partly determine what was and was not investigated.

The investigation in question was started after it appeared that the Tax and Customs Administration had withheld documents in court cases against the parents who were victims.


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