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The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, participated this Sunday in the closing of the annual event that the ultra-rightist Brothers party of Italy held in Rome . During his speech, Abascal charged against the "open border policy", defended the national sovereignty and Christian roots of Europe and assured that Spain's problem was "separatism" supported by both the left and the right.

"The European civilization has reached an unrecognizable point. The economic and political oligarchy has betrayed the Europeans and is taking us to a dead end," said the Basque politician from the box, before the applause of Giorgia Meloni , leader of Brothers from Italy, who on more than one occasion has confessed his admiration for the Vox leader.

"They say that we are Eurosceptics because we do not defend this type of EU. But the enemies of Europe," he continued, "are the Brussels bureaucrats and the cultural and economic oligarchs who defend their caste privileges. It is they who hate the Europe of nations, their Christian tradition and women like Giorgia Meloni, who show that there is an alternative to leftist feminists. " The Vox leader criticized the "open borders policy" that is "destroying our culture and our civilization" and noted that Spain had an "advantage": "It was vaccinated against Islamic immigration during eight centuries of occupation and eight centuries of reconquest" .

Apart from his criticisms of Europe, Abascal referred to the Spanish situation and said that "the" problem of Spain is that a part of the Spaniards have stopped loving themselves. The disadvantage is separatism, a separatism that is tolerated by the left and right who have systematically agreed with him. "

"Respect for national sovereignty"

The leader of Vox intervened in the box after Thierry Baudet , leader of the Dutch party Forum for Democracy (FvD), and the Czech Jan Zahradil , of the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE). On Friday, Abascal met in Rome with the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, partner of the Brothers of Italy and the party of Silvio Berlusconi in the right-wing coalition with which they were presented at the 2018 general elections. Abascal coincided with the former Italian Interior Minister in "protecting Europe's borders from mass immigration" and the importance of "respect for national sovereignty and unity of EU member states".

Despite apparently sharing the same criticisms of Europe, Vox and the League belong to different groups in the European Parliament . The Spanish party is together with the Brothers of Italy member of ACRE while the transalpine formation - originally independentist now transformed into a sovereign national party - is part of the newborn Identity and Democracy (ID) along with the president of the National Association, the French Marine Le Pen

The relationship between Abascal and its Italian partners, especially with Salvini, has not always been through good times. During the Catalan crisis, the leader of the League, who in the past had openly declared himself in favor of the independence of Catalonia wearing even the senyera , questioned the arrest warrant against Carles Puigdemont. A support that aroused the anger of the Vox leader. "Put your nose in Italian affairs and stop behaving like a bureaucrat meddling in the national sovereignty of Spain," Abascal replied from social networks.

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