Table tennis Asian championship Karimoto 18:29 on September 22 not to advance to the final

On the 22nd of the Asian table tennis championship held in Indonesia, the semi-finals of the men's singles were held. .

The Asian table tennis championship held in Indonesia was held on the 22nd day of the tournament, the men's singles semi-finals were held. I played against.

The first game was not able to cope with the strong forehand that Kyung players bend greatly, and dropped 4 to 11.

In the second game, Mr. Zhangmoto competed 9-10, without leaving the ping-pong table, in order to strike back before Huh ’s shot turned.

However, in the end, the ball attacked by Zhangmoto was returned with a powerful shot, and this game was also deprived 9-11.

The player who lost the 3rd game lost the straight game with a game count of 0: 3 and did not advance to the final.

In the semi-finals of the women's doubles, the pair of Yoshizumi Ishikawa and Miu Hirano and the pair of Hitomi Sato and Saki Shibata were both defeated by the Chinese pair and could not proceed to the final.

* Kin is “Sun” on the left and “斤” on the right.