December 22, 2018After the Corinaldo tragedy, several administrations issued orders against the use of pepper spray during the street festivals. One of the first cities to ban Florence, which had already done so previously.

In Rome, instead there is the order against the barrels but not the one against the stinging cans. According to sources from the Capitol, no prohibition will be provided. The mayor Virginia Raggi, as sources close to her explain, "does not intend to prohibit a tool that women use to defend themselves and that allows many girls to save themselves". in his opinion we should rather "severely punish those who make a distorted and criminal use of them".

Florence - For the New Year's Eve party in Florence which will see Francesco Renga, Baby K and Lorenzo Baglioni perform in Piazzale Michelangelo, the entry with pepper spray will be banned, announced the mayor Dario Nardella, presenting the events of 31 December in the city. "It is a measure that we had already adopted previously - he specified - and we will adopt it again this year". Nardella explained that the Committee for public order and security has already been set up on New Year's events: "We confirm - he said - all the criteria of last year. The Interior Minister last year, after the events of Turin, issued a rather restrictive circular based on the principles of caution and prevention for major events in public spaces.This year we will have controlled access to Piazzale Michelangelo, no more than 14 thousand people.The entry to any object of glass, and pepper spray will be prohibited ".

Cesena - No glass containers and cans for drinks, pyrotechnic items and pepper spray, in piazza del Popolo in Cesena, from 7 pm on December 31st to 3 am on January 1st. This was established by the order signed by the mayor Paolo Lucchi. First and foremost, according to the Municipality, the document provides for "the ban on the sale of bottled beverages and cans from 7.00 pm on 31 December to 31 December at the 3 of January 1, and to place containers for glass disposal outside the shops ". This part of the provision "traces previous orders of the same type, issued on the occasion of other events of reference", but the real novelty with respect to the past is the prohibition to introduce in Piazza del Popolo, in addition to any glass container or cans and to pyrotechnic articles, even pepper spray ".

Matera - The order of the mayor Raffaello De Ruggeri prohibits the spray "to prevent situations of danger and panic and the repetition of tragic events like those of Corinaldo" not only in Piazza Vittorio Veneto and in the nearby streets during the concert of 31 transmitted by the Rai, but also during the rehearsals of the show that will be held the day before.

Turin - The City of Turin, on the other hand, does not expressly mention the spray in its ordinance but prohibits it along with all other weapons.

Milan - In Piazza Duomo the New Year is celebrated with a concert by Francesco Gabbani. Spectators will have to undergo metal detector checks. It is forbidden to bring glass bottles, cans and fireworks or firecrackers into the red zone. It is estimated at this time to add precisely the prohibition of spray.

Brescia - In the Lombard city the prohibition of the use of any form of spray in the square at the New Year's events was established.

Bologna - Prohibit the capsules of pepper spray during the New Year's Eve in Piazza Maggiore. At the moment it is a hypothesis but the ordinance of the first citizen would be ready.

Velletri - Pepper spray prohibited during the Christmas holidays. The mayor Orlando Pocci has signed a municipal ordinance with effects limited to the Christmas period.

President of the Lazio Regional Council Leodori to the mayors: stop during the holidays
"Distinguished Mayor, I am writing to you with the intention, constructive and non-invasive, of sharing a silent but widespread alarm among the citizens concerning the use and the spread of the so-called pepper spray": thus begins the letter that the President of the Council Regional Lazio, Daniele Leodori, has sent to all the mayors of the provinces of Lazio following the escalation of serious news stories in which the abuse of pepper spray has created social alarm and led to the death of many people, including many teenagers.

"In Italy - the letter continues - it is considered a self-defense instrument regulated by the ministerial decree n.103 of 2011 that has liberalized the purchase, the detention and the port in public for the over 16s of any instrument that nebulizes a natural active principle based on Oc, the Oleoresin capsicum gas contained in the canister The spray can therefore be purchased by anyone over the age of 16, and while it was initially sold in the armories and in specialized shops, it is now possible to buy it at the supermarket, and even in pharmacies The spread of the instrument in Italy has had a growth trend mainly due to self-defense for women who unfortunately too often are victims of violence, aggression and muggings, a tool that very often has been fundamental for those with courage and great readiness , has managed to use it to foil an aggression or worse, on average in Lazio - continues President Leodori - have been sold in 2017 about 5 thousand spray cans, with growth in 2018 (first 10 months, over 6 thousand), compared to a national total of about 70 thousand on average per year. An increasing demand for security, ease of purchase and affordable costs have led to a real sales boom ".