• Israel, Netanyahu wants to form a government with its rival Gantz
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22 September 2019 "The Israeli people want a stable government and a government cannot be a government unless both large parties are part of it": Israeli president Rueven Rivlin said so, indicating his intention to press for a coalition government which includes both the Blue and White of Benny Gantz and the Likud of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Rivlin, who has ended consultations with Gantz's party, must meet the Likud and has always expressed the desire to avoid new elections, which would be the third in a row in less than a year.

Lieberman: no support for Netanyahu or Gantz
Lieberman, former Israeli defense minister and leader of the secular nationalist formation Israel Beitenou, said that he will not support either outgoing premier Benjamin Netanyahu, or his rival Benny Gantz in forming the new government. Lieberman spoke to journalists before his scheduled meeting with Israeli President Rivlin.

Wanted majority
Neither the Likud of Netanyahu, nor the party of Gantz, with 31 and 33 seats respectively, managed to secure an advantage in the September 17 elections to form a solid majority.

Rivlin will announce his choice at the end of the consultations. Under Israeli law, the prime minister in charge will have 28 days to form a government, with a possible two-week extension.