Hong Kong authorities have set restrictions on Sunday for train journeys to the city's airport. The city wants to prevent anti-Chinese protesters from striking at the airport.

Anti-Chinese demonstrators have previously occupied the arrival hall of the airport and blocked access roads. They also set fires on the streets of a nearby village.

The new measures come after a violent night, during which multiple clashes took place between security forces and demonstrators.

The train in question is a direct connection from Hong Kong to the airport. Passengers can only board the downtown area of ​​the city. The train will not stop in the Kowloon district, a peninsula where many of the demonstrations take place. The airport itself can only be entered with a ticket.

The airport management reports that calls are being made online to gain access to the site with fake boarding passes or fake flight information.

Unrest began with a controversial bill

The demonstrations in Hong Kong started after a controversial bill to be able to extradite suspects to China quickly. The demonstrations repeatedly led to clashes between protesters and the police.

The relevant bill has since been taken off the table, but the protests continue. The demonstrations have developed into a broad movement against the government and the police. Hong Kong is owned by China, but has special rights. Residents of the city are afraid of growing Chinese influence.

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