At the microphone of Europe 1, the Minister of Culture was annoyed by the rumors that ensure that the reform of the audiovisual he is preparing a significant increase in advertising on the small screen.


Audiovisual reform will not focus on advertising. Asked Sunday, in the morning of Bernard Poirette on Europe 1, the bill he must submit in the Council of Ministers in November, Franck Riester, the Minister of Culture, assured that it was not about allow channels to increase the overall time of ad breaks. "In the bill, there is no increase in mass, volume, advertising.There will be no more minutes of advertising on television than before," said the minister.

"Simply, the TV channels are given the means that their resources, at constant volume, are superior," says Franck Riester. These include allowing the establishment of geolocalised advertising or allow channels to incorporate a third advertising break in long films. "It turns out that for movies of 2:30 or 3 hours, the lack of a third cut limits the advertising resources for the channels, but we do not want it at the expense of watching movies by our compatriots. . "