The Federal National Council (FNC) elections 2019 represent a new practical step in the process of enhancing political participation, which highlights the role of the active citizen in the decision-making process, as a key pillar in the progress of the UAE in all fields.

The elections demonstrate the level of awareness among citizens of the pivotal and vital role played by the Council in meeting the aspirations and needs of society and contribute to the advancement of all sectors, and affirms the high national sense of those wishing to run for national responsibility and represent the people of the UAE in the Federal National Council.

The elections confirm the UAE leadership's keenness to promote a culture of political participation among members of society, and to establish an electoral culture based on the need to elect and select candidates who express the concerns and issues of citizens.

The success of the electoral process is a shared responsibility, which requires the concerted efforts of all, in addition to the interaction of society in all its categories and institutions.

The participation of members of the electoral bodies in the electoral process, whether by running for membership in the Council or electing their representatives under its dome, is a national responsibility for the success of the process of empowerment through which the UAE strives to enable the citizen to contribute effectively in building the future it aspires, thereby enhancing its leading position globally. .

The voting process for citizens of electoral bodies abroad to choose 20 candidates for the FNC 2019 will end this evening. The first day of voting saw a remarkable turnout from those who flocked to 118 polling stations at embassies and state missions abroad.

The National Election Commission informed the UAE today that the first day of citizens' elections abroad did not witness any complaints or observations regarding the work and management of the electoral process. For the elections, the results will be announced after the end of the election day on October 5.

The committee warned all candidates not to use the names of tribes or families in electoral propaganda in any form, considering this as a punishable offense.

In detail, the first day of the voting process of citizens of the electoral bodies, who are abroad, to choose 20 candidates for membership of the Federal National Council 2019, a remarkable turnout by voters, who flocked to 118 polling stations (embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions) distributed in most countries of the world, while Voting abroad concludes at 6 pm this time according to the time of each country.

The New Zealand Embassy closed the ballot box on the first overseas voting day at 10:00 am, UAE time (6 pm Wellington time), followed by the Embassy of Australia in Australia, at 12 pm UAE time (6 pm Canberra time). Then, the UAE Embassy in Japan, at 1 pm UAE time (6:00 pm Tokyo time), is scheduled to end the first day of voting at the UAE Consulate in Los Angeles, the United States, at 5 am today UAE time (10 pm Los Angeles time).

Electoral centers in Germany, the United States and Britain saw the largest number of voters participating abroad, while embassies and state missions abroad announced that the voting process had started on time and proceeded as planned at all polling stations that were equipped to accommodate voter reception. However, no embassy or mission mentioned receiving any complaints or observations on the opening of the electoral centers.

According to the National Elections Commission, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, all measures are taken to ensure that the voting process is organized in electoral centers scattered in most countries of the world in accordance with the highest standards of accuracy, transparency and integrity for voting in embassies and diplomatic missions, which is applied for the second time in the elections of the Federal National Council, In a move to enable members of electoral bodies wherever they are to exercise their right to participate in the 2019 elections.

The committee stressed that participation in the electoral process is a natural reflection of the community's awareness of the importance of the National Council and the great role it plays in expressing their issues and conveying their voices and requirements and discussing them to take appropriate solutions.

Assistant Undersecretary for Federal National Council Affairs at the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, member and rapporteur of the National Election Commission, Dr. Saeed Al-Ghafli, told Al-Youm Al-Youm that after the completion of the voting process for voters outside the country at the headquarters of the country's diplomatic missions, the counting committee will count the votes Those who cast their ballots on the day of the presidential election according to the electronic counting system.

Al Ghafli said: «The official announcement of the results will be simultaneously and with the end of the voting period on the main election day scheduled for 5 October next, and from the main center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where the votes of voters who cast their votes during the two voting days abroad are saved according to Electronic Voting.

He stressed that the National Elections Commission authorized the voter to vote in the headquarters of diplomatic missions of the State, according to the paper voting system.

Prohibit tribal propaganda

The National Elections Commission has warned all candidates for membership in the Federal National Council 2019, not to use the name of the tribe or family in any way in their propaganda campaigns in their quest to urge voters to vote for them, based on article 47 (b) of Chapter VI The executive instructions for the elections of the Federal National Council 2019, which regulate the provisions and controls of election campaigns.

In a statement issued yesterday, the commission reiterated its keenness to organize an electoral process in a national atmosphere and raise the name of the UAE, and to avoid using what would incite sectarian, tribal and ethnic strife to urge voters to vote for specific candidates.

She explained that this behavior of some candidates or their supporters contradicts the transparency and accuracy used by the National Elections Commission in organizing an electoral process that seeks to establish the principle that the vote of the secretariat is honest, and give it to those who deserve a national duty. Promoting candidates on the values ​​and principles of society and adherence to the rules, regulations and decisions in force in this regard and respect for public order.

The Committee noted that as a result of the observation of some candidates direct or through their supporters to use the family name and tribe, has taken action against a group of candidates who used these slogans in accordance with the legal procedures provided for in the executive instructions.

Article 47 (b) of the executive instructions of the FNC 2019 elections stipulates that the election campaign shall not include any direct or indirect use of religion or religious slogans, or ideas calling for inciting religious, sectarian, tribal or racial intolerance towards others. .

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs as the Secretariat of the National Electoral Commission is working with the Electoral Management Committee to organize all aspects of the electoral process for the fourth round of the elections of the Federal National Council 2019.

• «National Elections» warns candidates against the use of family names in publicity.

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