The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced a woman, her two sons and three cousins ​​to two years in prison after being convicted of abducting and torturing a Gulf man, injecting him with an unknown substance, and attempting to kill him stabbing because of his sympathy for the daughter of the accused, after complaining that she was being assaulted by her mother and brothers.

Investigations revealed that the victim was stabbed, stripped naked, injected with an unknown substance that lost consciousness, in addition to being filmed.It was also found that the family, who was found to be involved in substance abuse, threatened to cut his throat before throwing him in a medical clinic.

The victim reported that he met the 18-year-old girl via Instagram in September last year and then met her at her request near her friend's house. She revealed to her that she had been assaulted and tortured by her family. He suggested that she contact the police, pointing out that he took her to Bur Dubai police station and then left to feel fear.

A few days later, he began to receive threatening calls from one of the girl's siblings.

He said they abducted him on arrival and took him to their home, where they kicked him, beat him with a stick, stripped him of his clothes and pictures, stabbed one of them, then threatened to post his pictures on the Internet if he reported to the police. The girl's mother said she would order her children to kill him.

After being tortured for several hours, they took him to a medical clinic and left him, where the staff informed the police, after they discovered he had been assaulted.

The mother, 54, her two sons (19 and 27) and their three cousins ​​were arrested and charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and sexual assault. The court convicted the defendants and sentenced them to two years in prison.

The victim identified the accused daughter through the Instagram application and met her at her request.