September 22 5:35 on the 22nd

In front of the United Nations Global Warming Countermeasures Summit, youth summits from around the world exchanged opinions on the current situation and countermeasures for global warming, and the youths expressed a sense of crisis about global warming. Asked to take immediate action.

This “Youth Summit” was held at the United Nations headquarters in New York to bring the global warming crisis to the leaders of each country before the Global Warming Summit was held in line with the United Nations General Assembly. Approximately 1000 people from over 140 countries and regions participated.

At the opening of the meeting, UN Secretary General Guterres said, “Our generation failed to protect the Earth's environment. If the situation progresses, the temperature of the Earth will rise three degrees, which will have catastrophic consequences.” With young power, we showed expectations that global warming countermeasures would advance.

Greta Toonberg, who has been taking a school holiday every Friday in Sweden and continues to promote global warming countermeasures, also participated, touching on the demonstrations held all over the world the day before. I think the young people who were united could show that no one could stop. "

After that, the young people who participated exchanged their opinions, requested that the younger generation be added to the decision-making field, and expressed the opinion that a policy that balances the environment and the economy was necessary. I asked the leaders of each country participating in to take immediate action.