Yemeni army forces supported by the Arab Coalition to support legitimacy launched a large-scale attack on the positions of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, in the districts of Abs and Haradh in the border province of Hajjah with Saudi Arabia, while terrorist militias continued to violate and escalate military on the West Coast fronts as the coalition continued raids on Houthi positions On separate fronts.

In detail, Yemeni army forces, supported by the Arab Coalition, continued their operations against Iranian-backed Houthi coup militias on the frontier of Hajjah border with Saudi Arabia, targeted Houthi positions in the Haradh and Abas districts, and managed to destroy fortifications and destroy vehicles, killing and wounding a number of their members.

Field sources in the Fifth Military Zone pointed out that the forces launched a large-scale attack on militia positions in the city of Haradh and were able to destroy the military vehicles that were installed by the militias in the confrontation areas in the west and south of the city, which the army seeks to complete its liberation to open roads between the Kingdom towards Hajjah and Hodeidah The most important border ports between the two countries.

The army also launched an attack on militia positions in the strategic Abs district and destroyed sites created by the militias around the village of Bani Hassan, killing and wounding a number of Houthi elements in the camp, while others fled.

The coalition fighter jets launched a series of raids in support of the Yemeni army forces on the fronts of Hajja targeted Houthi positions in the two districts, which led to the destruction of mechanisms and destruction of sites and stores of slaughterhouses belonging to the Houthis, leaving dead and wounded in their ranks.

According to field sources, the raids targeted three Houthi military crews heading towards Haradh, destroying them, killing and wounding those on board.It also targeted militia gatherings in Abs Directorate that left eight dead and a number of Houthi wounded.

The Yemeni army forces supported by the coalition launched late last month a military operation on the outskirts of the city of Haradh, which resulted in the liberation of about 20 villages adjacent to the city and the capture of 23 Houthi elements and heavy losses suffered by the militias in equipment and lives.

In al-Bayda, central Yemen, the commander of the militia front in al-Zaher, Mohammad Abdo Daghaish, was killed along with a number of his members and others were injured in an air strike by coalition fighter jets that targeted a Houthi position in the province.According to field and local sources, Daghaish, known as Abu Thabit, was killed along with a number of his members. In a coalition raid.

The sources pointed out that Degheesh is one of the prominent leaders in the ranks of the Houthis and one of the most important pillars of their forces in the White Front, where he worked as a security supervisor and military commander of the elements of the Houthi in the province, and led the fronts of Zaher and supervised the operations of their elements in Nata and Skulls before the coalition fighters can hunt and kill him.

In Saada, coalition warplanes bombarded militia positions in Kataf Directorate and in al-Matoun district in al-Jawf governorate, destroying military vehicles, killing and wounding those on board.

In al-Hudaydah, on the west coast of Yemen, militias continued their military escalation and targeted residential neighborhoods and joint forces positions on the fronts of the governorate, and yesterday launched intense shelling on joint forces positions in different areas in the south of Hodeidah, targeting eastern Durahami and southeast of Hays, Jabaliya and Faza in al-Tahita.

The field sources pointed out that the militias used various types of weapons, including 120-mm heavy mortar shells, and in the north of the directorate the sites were bombarded with howitzer artillery.

In al-Tahita, the sources said that the militias shelled the positions of the joint forces east of the Directorate with 120-mm heavy mortar shells, as well as north of the Directorate with Hauser artillery and B10 shells, and targeted the mountainous area of ​​the Directorate with various weapons, including Burgenev and snipers.

In Hays, militias bombed joint forces positions in the Directorate south of Hodeidah with medium weapons, snipers and B10 artillery shells, and targeted the east of the Directorate with heavy caliber 23 and 14.5 medium machine guns and 12.7 caliber sniper rifles.

In al-Duraimi district, south of Hodeidah governorate, the positions of the Yemeni joint forces were bombed and targeted by the Houthi militias with heavy and medium weapons, as well as the use of 120-caliber mortar artillery, a military escalation against the military positions of the joint Yemeni forces and residential neighborhoods, striking all international agreements. On the cooling off wall display.

On the other hand, field sources confirmed that the Houthi militias sent large reinforcements to the Zubayriat Front in the north of the governorate, in preparation for a new round of confrontations with the Joint Forces and the Southern Resistance stationed in those areas, especially the Akma Dokki Front located on the outskirts of Maris, while the Bab Front closed violent clashes between the two sides.

The sources said that clashes and violent confrontations took place between the two sides in the vicinity of Zubayriat after the arrival of Houthi reinforcements to the area belonging to the Hajar Front, which led to the extension of the clashes to the area of ​​Battar and loans Qulai'ah.

The sources confirmed the destruction of a tank belonging to the Houthis in al-Fakher area north of Qatuba amid intensive overflights of coalition fighters over the skies of seam areas and confrontations in fronts north and west of the province.

Local sources confirmed that Houthi reinforcements were seen at dawn yesterday as they passed towards Naqil al-Khashiya, Ibb, Maawiya-Taiz, and Dumat direction, to the northern fronts of al-Dhali, amid reports of militias planning a large-scale attack on joint Yemeni forces positions in al-Dhali fronts. , As part of its military escalation on various fronts in conjunction with the celebration of their members to commemorate the coup on September 21.

In Ibb escalating insecurity in the province led by Houthi elements and caused yesterday clashes between their members to the deaths and injuries among civilians from the city of Ibb, the capital of the province.

Local sources confirmed the deaths and injuries among civilians and among Houthi elements as a result of Houthi-Houthi clashes against the backdrop of sharing the amounts of money allocated for a ceremony marking the anniversary of their coup in the stadium of the province.

The sources pointed to the killing of four Houthi elements and two civilians, while others were injured in the clashes that took place inside the stadium after the end of a ceremony described as baht and weak anniversary of their coup, while the directives extended to the directorates of the wilderness, Saddah and Hobeish against the backdrop of injuries from those directorates in the clashes inside Playground in Ibb.