• Landing migrants from Gregoretti ships, will go to 5 European countries and to CEI facilities
  • Migrants, the Gregoretti ship with the 135 on board moors in the port of Augusta


by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea 21 September 2019The Public Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Catania has forwarded to the Court of Ministers the investigation documents on the case of the ship Gregoretti requesting the storage for Matteo Salvini.

The same Salvini gave the news, opening live on Facebook the envelope containing the information of the deputy prosecutor Andrea Bonomo who transmitted the documents to the Court of Ministers of Catania for the crime of kidnapping but formulating "reasoned request for filing".

The Court of Ministers of Catania will decide within the next 90 days whether to accept the request for dismissal. The composition of the Court of Ministers is the same as that which on 24 January last had asked the Senate for authorization to proceed in court against the then Interior Minister for the Diciotti case. The Catania Public Prosecutor had also requested the filing of the file that time.

"The deputy prosecutor of the District Attorney of the Republic of Catania, Andrea Bonomo, basically claims that I did nothing," said the secretary of the League.

"The Public Prosecutor's Office says that Salvini did well, let's see if the Court of Ministers will once again express the opposite - explained Salvini after having read the document publicly - Work as you wish, know that I will be calm, determined and calm" .

The former owner of the Ministry of the Interior from 27 to 31 July 2019 did not grant the Gregoretti ship the landing of migrants in the port of Augusta, in Sicily, until the willingness to welcome people from 5 other European countries arrived .

Salvini, before opening and reading the package via social media, announced on Twitter that he had received the envelope commenting: "Saturday afternoon, at home with the children doing homework and watching cartoons, they ring at the door and give you an envelope lock that comes from the Catania prosecutor's office ... What do you say, good or bad news? We'll open it together later and talk about it. Fear? Nothing and no one! "