In the new survey, 29 per cent responded that they have quite high or very high confidence in Löfven, compared with 34 per cent in January. The difference is so large that it is considered statistically significant, significant.

Löfven nevertheless tops the list of confidence before Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist (S) and Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) since Foreign Minister Margot Wallström (S) left the government.

The news survey is bad news for more than Löfven: Energy Minister Anders Ygeman (S), EU Minister Hans Dahlgren (S), Deputy Minister Peter Eriksson (MP) and Rural Minister Jennie Nilsson (S), like Löfven, have suffered significant losses of confidence.

Shekarabi against the stream

Going against the current, only Minister of Civil Ardalan Shekarabi (S), designated by a political scientist in Expressen as a possible successor to Löfven and up to date with an attention-grabbing Facebook post about "bold steps" that he thinks the party needs to take. 17 percent said they have great confidence in Shekarabi, up from 10 percent in January.

Katarina Hajdu, research executive at Novus, believes it may be because he has been visible in the debate on issues that are not so heavily politicized.

"Maybe he went out and argued that some gaming companies need to be reviewed," she says.

The Facebook post was published on Wednesday and therefore may not have affected the survey.

Increased concern among voters

Novus CEO Torbjörn Sjöström writes in a comment to SVT News that it is unusual for so many significant declines in a measurement. He believes there is a connection with growing pessimism among voters and mentions that 58 percent recently responded that they believe that children will grow up in a poorer society.

"It seems that voters increasingly feel that politics cannot solve the problems one sees in society," Sjöström writes.

An alternative to the purely confidence figures is to look at the so-called balance measure, the difference between those who have confidence and those who lack it.

There, Defense Minister Hultqvist is at the top of EU Minister Hans Dahlgren and Minister of Education Anna Ekström (S). Last on that list are the two MP-language pipes, Finance Minister Per Bolund and Environment Minister Isabella Lövin.