The train thus begins in Carolina Park and continues down Drottninggatan and Vaksalagatan to Vaksala square.

The bus lines that are affected are 2, 7 and 11 in the direction of Gamla Uppsala, Årsta and Fyrislund.

- These lines will be led on a few temporary roads, but it is difficult to say exactly when. It depends on the train, says Helena Klange, press officer at UL.

All UL lines that traffic Kungsgatan will be delayed when the police turn off the road. The stop is expected to last for seven minutes.

Vaksalagatan is also closed for a short time between Kungsgatan and Storgatan in the direction of Gränbystaden as the Pridetåget crosses.

RFSL is responsible for road safety

Many crossings along the road will be monitored by volunteers. In addition to Kungsgatan, where the police will direct traffic, RFSL is responsible for road safety at the intersections along the train path.

The recruitment of volunteers is not complete and is expected to continue throughout the day.

- We are around 20, which is the absolute minimum, but we would like to be closer to double to be able to relieve each other, says Saga Karlsson, chairman of RFSL Uppsala.