Representative Tateno Edano discusses ad restrictions on referendum at the Constitutional Trial, September 21, 20:04

The representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party over the constitutional review committee of the Diet reiterated the idea that regulations such as TV advertisements associated with referendums should be discussed, such as carrying out a reference question.

Regarding the constitutional amendment, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's Shimomura Election Committee criticized the situation where discussions did not proceed at the constitutional review board of the Diet.

Constitutional Democratic Party representative Edano representative told reporters in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, "In the Constitutional Examination Committee of the House of Representatives, for the discussion of the referendum law, let's call me and Moto Funada of the Liberal Democratic Party as a reference person" It was the opposition party who asked for deliberation with specific proposals. "

After that, he said, “If we can respond to the discussion of the referendum law that we have sought, the review meeting will be held smoothly,” and regulations such as TV advertisements that accompany the referendum, such as conducting a reference question. Restated the idea that should be discussed.

On the other hand, regarding the government's response to Typhoon No. 15, “In the sense of the impact on the economy and daily life, it is an unmistakable reality that damage equivalent to the establishment of the disaster response headquarters has actually occurred. I think they are not aware of the situation. "