Aori Driving Control is also from today to Autumn Traffic Safety Campaign September 21 9:21


The autumn national traffic safety campaign will begin on the 21st, and police nationwide will focus on preventing accidents in children and the elderly, as well as taking control and preventive measures for “oriori driving”.

The autumn national traffic safety campaign began on a 21-day to 10-day schedule,
▽ Ensuring safety of walking children and elderly people,
▽ Accident prevention for older drivers is emphasized.

During the period, children will be watched on school roads and “support car” dissemination events with automatic braking functions will be held throughout the country.

In addition, since sunset will be early in the coming years, early lighting of lights and the use of reflective materials for pedestrians are called.

In addition, since there are still a series of malicious “oriori driving”, we are strengthening the police in the nationwide police and calling on drivers to stop dangerous behavior while driving.

The police are calling for the 110th call immediately after stopping in a safe place and not opening the windows and doors if they are damaged by driving.