Sumo Akihabara Chiaki Raku Three fights to win the victory of three people September 22 4:16

The sumo wrestling fall place was narrowed down to Chiaki Raku on the 22nd, and the championship battle was narrowed down to 3 people, 3 losses.

Of these, Takashige Sekiwaki has a direct confrontation between the Oki Sea and the 3rd loss.

Sekiwaki Gyokai will play Koi Endo.

Usually, the three roles and flat curtains are not organized in Chiaki Raku, but the Japan Sumo Association Jury has formed a direct confrontation between Takashige Katsu and Oki Sea, and the fight for victory has been narrowed down to three players with three losses. .

In the past, the scenic performance of Kikkei won 3 wins and 1 loss.

Your scenic spot will be superior if you attack with a low and sharp push.

I want to find the chance to bring the sea of ​​Oki to the right four of my specialty.

The same 3 loser Mitake Sea is a face-to-face match with Endo, and the past performance is 5 wins and 4 losses.

Mitake Sea seems to hold the key to winning a sumo wrestling with Endo who has a reputation for stickiness at the edge of the earth, with a soft foot and softness, while coming out from a strong start.

If Ontake wins Endo and loses 3 players with 3 losses, the first match will be held in Makuhari for the first time in two years since autumn.